Modern Associates
  • Abbottabad, Pakistan
We are Home Designer,Town Planner,Building Designer from 1985, and now from 2003 we are also providing Software Developement.
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Our Objective: To offer the rapidly growing segment of disenchanted Pakistani home buyers a viable alternative to today?s mass produced "houses" that, unlike true "Homes", are cold and sterile on the in? as well as on the outside and that attempt to make up for what they lack in beauty, grace, charm, livability, and basic quality merely by being huge and imposing ; To play a pivotal role in, and make an important contribution to, the rapidly expanding 21st Century "Renaissance" (rebirth) in Home Design , Town Planning, Plaza Design and Community Development and Software Development. Because We firmly believe that the time has finally come to "humanize" the World (whatever its size and style) so as to give folks of quiet means and discriminating taste a l?o?o?o?o?n?g overdue opportunity to own an overall property the beauty, the charm, and the combined livability of which is vastly superior to, yet inherently no more expensive than, anything being offered by today's developers.
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Junaid Younis

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