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Profiles in Accounting & Finance Resumes Jobs Projects
Accounting Systems 85
Auditing 48
Bookkeeping 51
Budgeting & Forecasting 36
CFO Services 29
Company Valuation 38
Cost Analysis & Reduction 39
Customer Collections 53
Financial Planning 54
Financial Reporting 49
Investor Relations 34
Invoicing & Billing 48
Other 91
Payroll 44
Stock Option Plans 25
Tax Planning 29
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Sanfarina Flowers has set up first of its kind green house of Pakistan. We are growing special flowers and vegetables in green house and in soil less environment.
We have green houses in Karachi and in Murree.

Blue Ice Technologies focuses on providing cost-effective solutions to clients interested in outsourcing or off-shore development. We rely on quality, excellence and fast-paced technology to deliver internet services and software solutions.

We Provides teaching resources and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences.

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